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28th-Sep-2009 01:56 am - aweomEST birthday weekend evar
Thursday and Friday were kinda sucky cause I was back at the Mayo clinic being a guinea pig. 53 out of 60 allergen pokey thingies exploded...and 2 of the ones that didn't react were controls XD
It is always a good sign when the nurse says "oh....you're gonna be miserable" when she's not even done poking.
They extended my prednisone use for another month T_T
but after that Koi took me birthday shopping and distracted me with shiny fun things...and dvd shelves XD

In other news, Reggie is going to get me on another expensive hobby that I really don't need to be doing while I'm as broke as I am......
He's doing this Gundam model "competition" between friends, though it really won't be a competition with veteran painter JP and upcoming airbrusher Reggie XD
Still fun.
I went to Suncoast Thursday to find a mobile suit but ended up getting this. They also had a White Glint but it was a bit more expensive XD
She's purty though.
Then Koi got me on Hobby Link Japan and drooling over the stuffs on there.
Basically, I really want this but Reggie has limited the competition to the Gundam universe.....
So I found the the Hi-Nu but it is waaaaaaaaay too expensive, and I don't know how to paint so I don't want to ruin anything over $50 lol
Then after about an hour or so drooling on hlj I decided to enter the Arios. (don't tell me anything about second season cause I haven't seen it yet XD)

JP tried to give us a crash course on painting, which helped a lot, but looks like very expensive hobby XD
The rest of the weekend was just eating, WoW, more eating....eating, gundam shopping,WoW, and lots of eating...
I think we have left overs to last a month...

Kris made me feel special lol
Chiyo - ^.^
22nd-Sep-2009 10:35 pm - this actually turned me on...XD

and this sorta undid it lol
Fate - WIGGLE!
22nd-Sep-2009 03:50 pm(no subject)
Hello hello

Going in for allergy testing on thursday and friday...so I'm not allowed to take any antihistamines at all for one week *headdesk* I've swollen up so badly that people at my rotation are telling me to go home early...everything is itcy T.T
Other than that, pretty good weekend/week so far.

Koi and I went up to savannah to get the rest of my stuffs. We got to do the hang out with koko, boquesha, and zeus... They are awesome and gave me an early birthday since I won't get to see them this weekend. Yay for ice cream cake, gum, and beatles rock band!!!

Peeps at work are awesome too. There's a birthday every day this week so they got a big cake for everyone. I was really touched that they included me on the cake, especially since I've only been here a couple of weeks.

In other news...my closet in savannah was 3 times the closet here...there's NO ROOM

gonna be craiglisting again >.
Kaorin - zomg squee
14th-Sep-2009 10:27 am(no subject)
Nothing really ibteresting to update about...I'm just crazy bored. I think I'm slowly adapting to mom again, but last week I almost exploded when I came home to find her dumping out my drawers...wtfmate

Weekend was fun. we spent the day with JP and the cousins playing axis and allies til 4 in the morning lol

In other news, I now have a white hippogryph to go with me black one 0:D
Kona - blaaaaaah
8th-Sep-2009 01:06 pm - do you wanna date my avatar?
Hi there! I seemed to have remembered that I have an LJ...

Much has happened since my last update...mainly the end of classroom time FOREVER. Though, I do really miss my peeps XD
Moving back in with Ma and Papa has been just as hard as I was expecting. Maybe a tad worse. I know mom is really trying though. She called me the day before I came back to preapologize XD
Papa lost his job, so we are all a bit extra stressed.
I have soooooooo much unpacking left to do. This feels like the hardest move so far cause it is like I'm moving out of savannah AND my old room to make room for all my crap XD
Totally updating from my new phone(blackberry curve)...though I prolly shouldn't be while at work on the first day lalalala
But this is the first chance I got to sit down and think about updating...My week "break" was really just me running around to 56132946 doctors appointments. I spent 2 days just at Mayo for all their tests.
They put me back on prednisone *commences expansion*

In anime news, I've started downloading stuff again. Koi and I watched K-on which ROCKS...litterally XD
Hopefully I'll have more of a chance to watch stuffs now...at least after I get all the moving boxen out of my room.

In other news, I think I may start using facebook again sometime this week xD

Mercurian Angel
27th-Jul-2009 10:39 am - You can't amputate butts
If I were not so apathetic, I'd be depressed.

In other news, class is boring, so I decided to update for once XD
Allergies have been really bad lately. We had class pictures and I was nice and exploded and splotchy for it. And I think my eyes did the Porter thing it does when the camera flashes. meh

School is kinda tame for now. In the upcoming weeks, that'll be a different story. We'll have all our review exams like mock board and capstone...meaning I have to go back an relearn everything I flushed out of my head after the tests XD
Also, 20 page paper for the lose

Looks like we've got our reservations and flights for the Midyear Clinical Meeting in Las Vegas in December. That's where we'll be residency hunting. Right now only Koko is my roomie, but Ebi might join. It'll be like a less smelly fun dragon*con XD

I finally got a chance to talk to Serena...we haven't had a good phone convo in forevar. Anyway, she's off to Japan at the end of the month so it looks like she'll be coming up to Sav to visit before she flies off. Should be a fun time...but I really should clean or something before then XD

WoW has been filled with drama lately, but hopefully we've fixed that. Basically, Civ, JP, and I made a new guild: Lysdexia
We've been getting closer with our old sister guild, and they seem pretty awesome, so it should go back to having fun and stuff.
Speaking of WoW, I find it really frustrating that Koi has been going around trying every free trial ever except WoW. It makes me feel guilty when we are running something and I can't really talk to him, especially since we have so little time to talk anyway. How many games have I started because of him? I bought a freakin xbox that I hardly really use anymore.
le sigh
I guess I'm just jealous of Aaz and Smyte, the awesome husband and wife team. They are both win in my book. I'm just a sucker for nerd love lol.
Kona - blaaaaaah
13th-Jul-2009 10:40 pm - You've got really nice .......
lol more literal music videos during test times...

EDIT cause Koko and I hate studyingCollapse )
9th-Jul-2009 10:06 am - ah the joys of prednisone
me: *headhug Koko*
Koko: You're burning up
me: Really? But I'm cold
Koko: Well your forehead is hot but your cheeks are cold
Boquesha: FREAK!
Koko: Pretty much
fun quotes for our group work on patient case

koko: she is breathing very fastly
me: very fastly?
koko: I will punch you in the temple
koko: she walks two to three miles per day... she needs to walk FASTER
Boquesha: Januvia sounds like it should be a country. I'm going to Januvia for my honeymoon
Boquesha: I ned to work on my manual dexterity so I can punch AND stab at the same time
FxN wtfowned
Twas Ebi's birthday a couple of days ago, but I forgot to update....

We celebrated last night at this really expensivecool place last night. Fong made Ebi a penis cake complete with white frosting, crunchy spinkles, and koala herpes XD
I'd have a picture of it, but Koko's phone doesn't like me T_T

This quarter has started off well with an awesome easy test, but I don't think it'll last long. We have a group project/presentation in every class at least once...
I've gotten used to group work by now, but if you have 2690587809345 groups it is kinda hard to find times to meet.

Anyway the main reason I'm posting is to put up this pictureCollapse )

While attempting my SOAP note homework, I looked around and suddenly re-realized just how nerdy I am XD

Too bad you can't see the 31oz bag of sour patch kids sitting by the big monitor lol
Kare Kano - Nerds
15th-Jun-2009 07:32 pm - I need to type faster....
[19:29] Mercurian Angel: virus scan found another trojan
[19:30] Mercurian Angel: so I changed my pass again >_<
[19:30] Satashi: >.< Angel, you get SO many viruses....
[19:30] Satashi: do you look at free porn a lot? @_@
[19:30] Mercurian Angel: not til recently
[19:30] Mercurian Angel: sdkjfhasjkhfgas
[19:30] Mercurian Angel: I mean the virus
[19:30] Mercurian Angel: es
[19:30] Mercurian Angel: not the
[19:30] Mercurian Angel: oh lord
[19:30] Satashi: *dead. just dead*
[19:31] Satashi: oh god, my lungs! HAhahahahaha
[19:31] Mercurian Angel: *dies*
Chiyo - PORN!?
15th-Jun-2009 10:44 am - They saved the worst for last...
Nayuki - *headdesk*
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