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The Heavenly Bubble of Moo
Because Chicken is Happiness
Recent Ruminations 
20th-Feb-2015 06:27 am(no subject)
Yes...I'm still alive!
Mercurian Angel
17th-Apr-2011 07:42 am - BIRDS VS MONKEYS
Hello again LJ!

Bored at work and finally resorted to updating.

Biggest news is that I've canceled my subscription to WoW. Not that I don't like the game anymore, but most the people I play with have moved on to other things. Tis just isn't the same when all your peeps move away. Also, Koi and Reggie have gotten me addicted to League of Legends. All I did on WoW toward the end was farm for mounts and PVP. LoL is PVP for free!

If any of you have played LoL, you should enjoy this video:

In real life news, I've grown to really like my job. Love the peeps, love the schedule. I am homesick though. I think going back home for Easter will either fix that for a while or make it worse XD


I built my 3rd computer!
3.2 hexcore, 16 gig ram, radeon 5870 2g vid card, 1000 power supply
Mercurian Angel
20th-Feb-2011 05:29 pm - All the time!
Some Shelly-isms I felt I needed to document:

- This trash can smells like Ireland
- I feel sorry for February...it only has 28 days
- Getting tattoos give just enough pain to be erotic

-Bekah: What are the nonpharmacological treatment options for OA?
Me: Exercise
Shelly: Keep it moving, keep it loose, keep it lubricated
Me:.............that's what she said

-Shelly: May i have some tape please?
Bekah: Your face is tape
Shelly: Really? That's weird...
Bekah: Shelly Tape-Face
Angel: That sounds like a super hero name
Shelly: yes, I go up and stick my face on the bad guys to catch them
Mercurian Angel
18th-Feb-2011 11:42 am - awesome techs are awesome
I think that all pharmacists should be techs before becoming pharmacists....
Maybe it's just me, but it totally gives me an appreciation for what they do.

Oh and yes, I'm finally a real pharmacist in Mississippi!

In other news, I'm getting a little sick of how I always end up playing Koi's new games. His excuse is that his are free (even though EVE, AC, L4D, and warhammer were not really free...), and that WoW isn't (and I've also offered to pay for his account many times). Anyway, I remember bugging him to play so we could have a nice round pvp team...aaaaaaaand now he and Reggie are whining about how they want me to play so they won't have randomtards in their new game. I want to hold out and make them suffer the stupidity of noobs/ubers.


I downloaded it XD

I'm totally fail at this willpower thing

The game is League of Legends, and it looks interesting. Like a wow arena team doing BGs or something.

In real life, Ma and Pa are still in the Philippines. Ma sent me an email that made me want to tear up a little. It was about how life is short and she regrets waiting to take a long vacation for so long. She said to take time to take a vacation with Koko lol
She didn't even mention poor Koi XD
Mercurian Angel
6th-Feb-2011 05:04 pm - End of an Era
So...after 7 years, I turned off automatic payments on the LJ account *gasp*

I miss my icons the most >_<
I just never remember to use this thingy anymore...
Though it is really fun looking at things from years past (and also a convenient way to find old addresses). I'll probably continue to sporadically update whenever I remember, or whenver I need to rant. That probably means doing the most updates at work XD XD

In other news, life in Mississippi is good. I especially like the paycheck lol. Like anyplace, there are some fun peeps and some peeps I'm wary around.
Still not "a real pharmacist" here yet, but hopefully that'll change tomorrow.

Art-wise I'm having sad times since photoshop stopped working. I don't really have the extra 43953058 dollars to go buy a real version >_<
So until I get a nice working copy, not release of art juices.
yum...art juices.
But I&#39;m le tired

Op Free Hair: Einhart Stratos by ~mercurianangel on deviantART

I've missed drawing, and I'm glad I'm getting back into it....but these last few have taken waaaaaaaaaay longer than any of my stuff from before the pharmacy school/wow break XD
But I&#39;m le tired
10th-Dec-2010 08:45 pm - AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
10 month break OVER

So what you missed?
under 5 minutes aaaaaaaaaaaand go

I graduated pharmacy school! Yay!
I didn't get a residency.... Boo
Couldn't find a job in Florida....Boo
Koko is awesome and got me a job in Mississippi! Yay!
Koko is awesome and moved in with me! DOUBLE YAY
I am now making money!!! TRIPLE YAY
Loan payments start next month.........wah

MAGIC!!! (damn JP)
Also: Left for Dead 2, Day of Defeat, Dawn of War

Dragoncon was awesome!
Sora no Woto is now my second favorite anime
Glee is now my favorite American show followed by NCIS....

New monitor 0: D
Will get a new drawing tablet soon (muahahahah)

Blast from the past
and my current one

and lotso drawings!!!Collapse )
FxN - Christmas
3rd-Feb-2010 11:32 am(no subject)

Baptist on the 9th
Va on the 16th!!!!

Arika - headsplode

So LJ just billed me for another year of paid time....so I figured I'd actually use it XD
Plus I guess I owe Koko an update.

Most of the time spent not updating has been spent in WoW, of course, but the other bit of it has been stressing over Grand Rounds. It didn't do so hot. Not only did I get stuck on some of their questions, but I was stupid and left my phone on before I went up to speak. My alarm went off as I was closing up, and I know it was my own damn fault, but it still sucked. I came home that day hoping to relax, only to find out that the internet was out....so I ended up benadryl-ing and just sleeping the whole night through XD

Another huge source of stress has been applying for residencies. So far, I have been rejected by my first and last choices. The problem is that one of the people I asked for recommendation letters has not sent them to any of the places but the one she worked at. I'm pretty sure Shands auto-trashed my application because I didn't have her recommendation in on time. Now, Baptist has emailed me twice asking for that late recommendation to be emailed/faxed, but I haven't been able to get a hold of her. I seriously think that Baptist is where I have the best chance, but they'll throw out my application if I don't get another recommendation to them today. I finally just asked Dr. Thurmon to do a quick emergency letter for me. It sucks that my life has to depend on one person not keeping her word.

In the gaming world, Koi started me back up on Ragnarok a bit. In turn, I finally got him on WoW. But, there's been recent drama in game that I just don't think I can deal with atm. In the anime world, Koi and I just finished Kampfer XD
yurilicious....if you can stomach the bad story lol

In random news, Koi is helping me build my new computer!
case I have at the moment:

two cores I'm debating:


vid card....mmmmmmmm three monitors lol
Nanoha - white devil
14th-Nov-2009 12:13 pm(no subject)
new wallpaperCollapse )

aaaaaaaand my theme song a la koquesha
Chicken is happiness
5th-Nov-2009 08:39 am - THERE BE WHALES IN HERE
yes yes, long overdue for an update......
Everytime I sit down to update this thing, something happens to distract me XD

I'm usre I had many interesting things to talk about, but for now I'll just write down things as I remember them.

So oncology rotation is kicking my ass. Well, it isn't so bad this week. We have an awesome, slightly rude doctor that we round with this week, and he makes things much more fun.
It figures that I start to get a hang of this oncology stuff as it is almost time to switch. I AM still a little mad at South fro scheduling my specialties before general med...

WoW's been pushed off to the side a bit, along with all the anime I've been planning to watch, simply cause I spend most of my time working on projects for the rotation. I STILL haven't started my ground rounds @_@ AAAAAAND I know I should be contacting my references for possible residencies...
and updating my CV
and planning on which residencies to apply to
and actually applying to them XD


In other news, Koi and I have been slowly making our way through the old Star Trek movies. So far my least favorite is actually the first one. It was like Space Inuyasha; instead of walking through the forest, they were flying through space most of the time XD
The most...*cough* interesting was 4 I think.

I've been spending money I don't have on Gundam/Armored Core models...only to realize that I could've used that money on BUILDING A COMPUTER. Reggie got Koi a kick ass comp case for his birthday, and that only made me want to build one even more XD
They also fixed my dead touchscreen laptop! It is back alive, but I have traded it to the Koi in return for future computer parts...*nerd*

I Had a really vicious virus on the desktop about a week ago called "security tool"
evil evil little thing
ate my wallpapers...so I have a new one that I'll try to remember to post when I get home XD
Distinguished officers of the Enterprise
29th-Oct-2009 09:43 pm - KEN LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
25th-Oct-2009 03:55 pm(no subject)
Yay pharmacy...
9th-Oct-2009 01:12 pm - cancer is going to eat me...
First rotation down! Though I'm kinda sad cause the people at Coram rock! Lynn pulled me aside yesterday to tell me that she gives her students their last day off, and I guess I made a sad face cause she was like, "wow...usually students are happy when I tell them they get the day off." XD

Next off is st. Vincent's oncology.looks like I'll have to be there @ 0630 monday morning T.T

Been contemplating life and trying to plan the future again...and that is never healthy for happy moods.
Mercurian Angel
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